A Different Kind Of Law Firm…

LaVan Law is truly a unique law firm because of three key factors.  First, we are rooted in Business.  Second, we take a team approach to each case.  And third, we understand both sides of a dispute.

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Strategy. Team. Results

Business Law

Legal Solutions for your Business

At LaVan Law, we provide comprehensive business and legal experience to companies throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Managing Partner Julie LaVan worked in the corporate world before opening the practice. She was personally involved in successful efforts to transform a private company into a publicly-traded entity and still serves as General Counsel of a privately-held company. The Firm understands the complex issues that businesses and business owners face every day and is well equipped to help clients take preemptive measures to protect their interests.

In recognition of our dedication to excellence in legal representation, attorney Julie LaVan was named 2011 Top Attorney by South Jersey Magazine. To schedule a meeting, contact our office online or call us at 609-593-0000.

Personal Law

Standing For What's Right

Personal Law services such as serious Personal Injury and Wrongful Death requires a special type of law firm.  It’s not enough to just be a good lawyer and know the legal side of a case.  These delicate cases require lawyers that understand the emotional, physical and financial stress such scenarios inflict on an individual and their family.  At LaVan Law, we have that experience.  As hard as we can be in the courtroom, we’re equally caring and compassionate with you, the victim.  We’ll fight for your voice to be heard and your rights to be upheld.

Along the same lines, we also handle select employment issues such as Hostile Work Environment and Wrongful Termination for individuals.  Our experience in the business world helps us offer powerful representation to those unjustly treated by their employer.